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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 3, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>>. >> meantime "new york times" and avoiding taxes for 18 years. i'm thrilled with all of you. >> i thank you for all the love and support you guys have given me. thank you, guys. >> you caught me mid sneezing sorry about that. >> as we've been showing you ryan howard bid you emotional farewell to the fans yesterday i thought you were getting choked up at the farewell. >> both, both, katie, and when would we be able to say farewell. >> few more hours for sure here. shout-out to ryan howard and
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and we'll be dealing with it again the next couple hours. live neighborhood network pleasant valley and high school and without the light of day it's tough to see and tough to see when you have the clouds lying in low and see a halo affect skewing view over street lamps here and as we overlook school campus there's a haze settling in. not devoid of activity we have showers here and there across cape may i'm sorry cumberland and salem counties specifically and more exception rather than norm though i could see shower firing up really any time today and more than anything we're actually going to see the clouds and believe it or not for sunshine but it's packed in the forecast in the days ahead and temperature at the airport in mount pocono and day progresses depending on location and you very the cloud cover break sooner than others and again there may be a shower here or there and i don't want to you worry about the icons
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yes i put a rain icon over that it's allowing for a shower here and there and 75 and sunshine to warm things up in philadelphia. milder, brighter monday with a few minor glitch as long the way and another dreary hiccup comes along midweek and we have a close watch on what is going on with currently category four hurricane matthew. it may meisha end up having impact on our area. we'll have more on that in the show. >> all right, katie, thank you for that. yikes, looking now odds visibility an issue because of fog. overall we're actually looking g good morning, everyone, happy monday. 95. let's move in northbound direction this is past the delaware state line you see what you're looking at northbound and southbound side looking okay and i would say looking typical for early monday morning and 422 valley forge both directions looking okay and starting to heat up and 5:30 in the morning on monday let's talk briefly new
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jersey transit and no service still in and out of hoboken and we're cross honoring path new jersey and new york water way like i said cross honoring. heads up between that information as well and reminder for you accident cleared montgomeryville great news for those of you in that area and step ra ta regional rail. you want to follow schedules published on june 19 except for media elwyn that is new schedule altogether and weekend fair collection still in place all center city stations. reminder on that as well and construction on the pa turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove and another point of construction eastbound between downingtown and valley hill road that right lane blocked there and one more pa turnpike valley forge and service downtown and left lane blocked there. all the construction on pa turnpike slows you down. brook, jim, back to you. >> there are scary clown posts on social media threatening violence against philly school
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schools. >> eyewitness reporter justin finch is live in philadelphia where threats are made against newman garretty high school, justin. >> jim, brook, we're told three philadelphia area skaj lick schools will see campus as a rut of threats and that includes jw hall ahan and newman garretty. a look at posts now. these precautions come in the wake of so-called scary clown threats from social media accounts featuring clown imagery and threats violence and public and private schools. eyewitness is looking into those threats and working with police to help student and staff. philadelphia police also announced joints investigation with homeland security to uncover who is behind these posts these threats have those working over the weekend to calm nerves. back there live wednesday city schools resume class after the
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sue wish holiday and newman g grety, j.w. hall ahan and roman catholic will see police on campus today. weaver live in south philly, i'm justin finch, cbs3, eyewitness news, brook and jim back to you. >> time, 5:35 business news this morning what are you wearing for halloween. >> i'm not sure yet. >> we'll talk about that. and find out why united airlines ran out of alcohol last week. money watch will join us live from the new york stock exchange, hannah, good morning. >> stock rallied ooh thursday lossesen the week if positive territory. dow gained 164 points and nasdaq added 42. many united airlines flyers hoping to take the edge off when it comes to flying by having a drink to not have the luxury last week. chicago based carrier went dry two days at one of the airports in newark, new jersey because
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the airline forgot renew the liquor license. it was revolved friday and travelers were once again able to get free cocktails before jetting off. >> halloween is big business and maybe tied into the moving go experience this year. experts predict more will head to stores to pick up a costume it's second biggest holiday after christmas. so many movies this year are are drawing out people looking to dress up after their favorite character, brook and jim. >> we could be kim kardsahian and kanye. >> that's always a popular one. >> i'm not dress is up as kardsahians. >> these are options i'll come up with something. >> thanks a lot. >> we can go as hillary and trump that would be interesting a political year. >> i'm down with that. >> that would be few any. >> meisha can be bernie. >> okay.
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>> we're going to move on. philadelphia orchestra is planning to resume performances thursday. that's after musicians and management reached agreement to end strike. at a meeting yesterday the orchestra voted unanimously to recommend new contract to the full board. it will be put to a vote in a special meeting tomorrow the musicians met separately yesterday to ratify the contract and orchestra went on strike friday night before the season opening gala concert. supreme court gets back today and president obama nominated judge merit garland to fill the empty seat and republicans refused to vote insisting the next president fill it. >> justices will consider the term treatment of transgender students. >> runners took to the streets to fight cancer. the sixth annual lung cancer walk took place in fairmont park sponsored by the lung cancer foundation and more than
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400 people showed up to fight lung cancer it's leading cancer killer in the united states. >> meanwhile runners and walkers did their part in fighting cancer at the navy yard in philadelphia. it's race for hope 5 k sponsored by the national brain tumor society that goes through brain tumor research. >> we can be the rocking kevin hart. >> still thinking halloween costumes. >> dep water hor eye sdpon is doing well at the box office. ♪ >> are you seeing it. >> everybody off. >> and the question, was it most popular movie in the box office this weekend. we'll let you know next. >> you'll love this story police showed up at senior center and led a 102-year-old woman away in handcuffs and why she was not resisting arrest
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>> i got to tell you authorities say kim kardsahian west was robbed at gun point in paris and when her husband found out he immediately stopped concert in new york. >> there's a family emergency i have to stop the show. >> kanye drop the mic and ran off stage to be by her side two armed masked men dressed as police officers stole millions of dollars in jewelry. a spokesperson for the reality
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tv show said she was not hurt but badly shaken up. >> on the mend after a boating accidents caused her half a finger. the actress posted this finger on snap trap saying i almost lost my finger from anchor well i lost half of it thank goo goodness we found the piece of. it i had surgery to fix it and it hurt so bad. entertainment tonight web site said it happened while she was vacation tion in turkey. >> unusual stars topped weekend box office this week. >> wow mind tying that rope around my waist. hold on tight. >> wait, what's happening. >> the latest from tim burton is miss parri goode rins home for peculiar children and after that number two is deep water horizon and then the
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magnificent 7 and number four stork and number five sully. you have been to the movies any time lately. >> i saw scully it was a great movie. >> it's interesting when you know the story. >> absolutely agree. >> for sure. >> we're being looking at warm, guys, things are quiet. there's a couple of glitches in the forecast today and i want to allow for a shower any time. do you need the umbrella, no, you could probably get away without it. but the same storm that came in last week is still out there. >> still here? >> does not want to fwet the lavine if you see what's happening on storm scan. it's starting to fizzle a little bit right now so that is good for us. it behooves or forecast down the road and we eventually see get this the sunshine. won't that be delightful. for now we have to allow for showers any time and right now
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at least for the next few hours fog is a concern. let's check in with eyewitness weather watches up and adam here across the river from philly and into new jersey they're reporting more clouds than anything and we're finding fog here we've seen half nile mile in spots and they're calling for much of the same. happy monday regardless she says and i echo that. we have brighter things to look forward to. i'll take you further north here let's head to poconos keith is reporting 57. here's got a clear sky. if you see a little variety back with cloud cover yeah into the 50s, cool and we're looking forward to seeing sunshine for a change today. that's what good about the forecast. future wind speeds this is critical when we talk about what happens tomorrow.
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right now not so much numbers more dreks of arrows we're watching here. at the moment we have wind flow more out of northwest and notice what happens. it starts to turn more easterly with time and as a result we're going to end up here with more of on shore flow tomorrow. that basically means not only does breeze pick up and clouds move in and we'll eventually end up with showers. now here's matthew. currently. it's expected to lose strangeth as it moves north. we're calling this spaghetti plot it's noodles on the map and where they all take it and it's mainly north. far out it does look consisten consistent. but things can change and they up typically do. that would not be ansh uuntil at least the weekend and we're dealing with clouds and drizzle tomorrow starting to see sun today and back into pleasant weather wednesday and thursday especially. >> meisha. >> the sun can make a money
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make or break a monday i should say. the facts we see the sun today guys will be a great day. ben franklin bridge moving in the westbound side from jersey you can see rur working with here plenty vehicles already not even into the 6:00 hour letting you know busy monday morning indeed. and past the betsy ross bridge a steady flow building here as well. again, 95 interstate 95 monday we know that will be busy and blue route headlights moving to media swarthmore letting you know what is working on the blue route. it's starting to build. congestion is now starting to build as we push towards 6:00 hour. septa regional rails take a look at this. regular service resumes today. the following schedules put out june 19 except for media elwyn. that's a new schedule altogether and take a look so i'll tweet this information out
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as well make note of. it hoboken new jersey transit rail is suspended in and out of hoboken, they are still cross hon areing again i'll tweet that information as well. lingering construction westbound between valley norm and downingtown that left lane is blocked there. not causing too many slow downs. yes, we are starting to heat up ever so slightly. when we go to take a peek what is going on take a look at this this is exactly what we want to see monday morning everywhere we're looking is green and 55 miles an hour on majors and i am hoping to keep you looking like this until we crack into 6:00 hour. we'll see how it looks once buses get on roadways and everybody hits. holding steady. looking good, jim over to you. >> meeshia, well, creepy clown social media violence is scaring people across the country in long island new york
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threats forced administrators to keep kids inside during recess and police in houston are on edge after instagram post threat toned kidnap students and kill teachers. so far police across the units acrested three people. >> the new jersey traen that crashed crashed no hoboken tells investigators he doesn't remember it. he told the national transportation safety board the train was operating properly and traveling 10 miles an hour as it pulled into station and ntsb says the veteran driver has been fully cooperative with the investigation. >> is it it or you he said the train operated normally throughout the trip approaching accident site and when he checked speedometer he was operating at 10 miles an hour when entering station tracks and the engineer has no memory of the accident. he remembers waking up on the floor of the cab. >> ntsb also says event recorder they recovered was got
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working at the time of the accident. last thursday's crash killed one woman and injured more than 100 others. >> columbia pondering next move after voters struck down peacefully and sunday vote ended a maze or skin photos in lattin america overwhelmingly des spies the group. many consider peace plan insult of the why you running conflict. proposal was after 4 years of grueling association. >> it seems like everyone has a bucket list. >> and it's never too late to full still some of it no matter how unusual. patrick clark tells us it's better late than never. >> as the police cruiser pulled up to five star senior center in south st. louis it was not public enemy number one inside but number 102. >> how did you enjoy your ride. >> yes, and coleslaw. >> more than happy to
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participate in these types of things. we love it and get more owe out of it thaep the seniors do. >> little old lady fulfilled a backseat public wish list. they had never sat foot in back of police car until today. >> whatever it is you are doing keep doing it and spend time doing community service because sometimes the people that you reach out and touch is the only person that they will talk to in a day. >> last year she sued and stitched some 413 hand made items for the folks at this center. >> i made my first dress that was wearable not saying it was good but i wore it to school when i was about ten years old. >> but here we've got a senior helping seniors. and you know for me i think
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that's neatest thing. >> she celebrated a birthday but has no plans of slowing down. >> 25th of september you can tell what my folks were doing christmas before, making babie babies. >> by midday back to bingo where everyone got a hand made item to take home courtsey of 102 year young eddie sims and free advice. >> it's a great world if you on your eyes and look at it. >> and that was patrick clark she is 10 and looks amazing and i love her attitude. >> i love it yes that's really cool. >> do you have a bucket list. >> i do not no. i just want to live. >> okay. >> all right. >> every day like it's i don't know i'll think of something. >> think of something. >> as much as we may be used to spending money on gas a florida couple went over board. >> that's because they were charged $ 10,000. we'll tell you why it happened and show you what they had to go to to get everything
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>> just into the newsroom eastern university academy charter school is canceling place classes today in response to threats made from social media accounts link todd scary kloupz. again no school eastern university academy charter
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school today. >> well, here's something you may not want to pay for imagine gas station charging you thousands of dollars for a tank of gas. >> a florida woman said it happened to her husband after he filled up his car. susan goers husband stopped at the local gas station in for the myers endplay and instead of $20 in gas they were charged nearly $10,000. she said she immediately called her bank to cancel her credit card. >> the bank said we'll get with vilaro have them reverse the charges simple. >> after two vehicles of going back and forthwith valero her account was credited back the money. >> that's why i always keep receipts when i get gas. i think i'm only one that hold on to receipts. >> do you think you need them to prove -- >> no a lot of people get small charges on there not me. >> never. >> yaching you scam artists. >> new relations against trump
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that surfaced this morning. >> could future of pizza be in hand of robot. how the industry is going high tech and plus this. >> kim kardsahian is robbed in paris. what we're learning about the what we're learning about the incident and what was taken
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>> scary clown threats posted online and live with how officials are protecting students. >> we're also following developing story kim kardsahian was robbed at gun point in
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paris. >> seat exact home her husband got the news and find out what the gunman took. >> and you may want to give yourself extra time to get to work or school today you'll be dealing in some areas with fog in your commute today is monda monday, october 3. jim donovan. >> hey there monday i hope you're having a good one. katie and meisha here keeping an eye on things. >> good morning i have great news. we're accident free. and 6:00 in the morning on busy monday morning i can tell you that's a really good sign. >> i was going to say knock on plexi glass or something. >> wet weather here and i overheard you during the break saying we're not finding much out there it's out there and patchy. exactly. but i would say keep it in the back of your head you may run into it in a couple spots. prone areas to see fog with setup like this is near river beds and outlying suburbs and


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